ET4 - houten paneel

ET4 – houten paneel

ET4 - houten paneel

ET4 – houten paneel

ET4  – met houten paneel

Etiude ET4 is a system of folding and sliding doors which allows the construction of sliding-folding doors, the folding doors fixed to the wall and pivoting doors. The door may be fitted with 18 mm panel and ABS glued on the edges.

Characteristic features:
– it has the inner profile with handle,
– it allows the use of any concealable handle.


Max. door height: 2750 mm
Width of door pair wing: min. 600 max. 1036  mm
Adapted to panels: The doors can be filled with 18 mm thick panel with edge covered with PVC.


Internal section with grip.

After closing doors are forming a flad surface.


Vouwdeur AL28 ET-4

Een zijde gefixeerd aan de wand

Vouwdeur AL28 ET-4

Naar 2 kanten schuifbaar

komandor-vouwdeur-al-28-et-4-greep_312x224 komandor-vouwdeur-al-28-et-4-schuifrichting-312x224